Trusted Gold

TrustT Gold is a decentralized financial phone App that digitize the gold industry while democratizing its ownership. Along with the advancement of the Blockchain Technology, the e-wallet high security and the smart contracts traceability, TrustT is ensuring to its users a secure Fiat & Gold Exchange and an instant gold ownership.



Our Vision is to guarantee stability and liquidity to the volatile digital ecosystem by adding the high standards of compliance and security of the distributed ledger to the traditional gold industry. We aim to build a decentralized payment system and a new revolutionary store value through our digital coin.


Our mission is to create a powerful digital economy that focuses on accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology while ensuring stable digital investments. Our goal is to build a platform where millions of investors can instantly exchange their fiat to a digitalized gold coin without having to worry about security, reserves’ storage, traceability and liquidity.


Our Core Values

Our Executive Team

Mariojose Palma
Mariojose, our technology developer and expert, has a background in System Engineering and Computer Science with over 15 professional certificates. He had valuable experiences in software architecture, software development and Artificial Intelligence. He succeeded in contributing to the creation of the future of financial transactions by creating Alice, an artificial intelligence robot within the financial market.
Mariojose PalmaChief Executive
Leonardo Montbrun
Leonardo, has a wide breadth of expertise in strategic planning, business consulting as well as Business growth and consolidation. He has achieved multiple successes in helping companies grow by implementing on state-of-the-art solutions and product development.
Leonardo MontbrunChief Operating
Alfredo Montbrun
Alfredo has extensive experiences within Technology and finance fields, he had founded and held senior roles within multiple businesses. In addition, Alfredo has helped to launch several Fintech companies in the US. His main focus is developing business models, products and ventures that embrace blockchain and technology operational development.
Alfredo MontbrunChief Financial