About Us

Trusted gold

TrustT Gold is a decentralized financial phone App that digitize the gold industry while democratizing its ownership. Along with the advancement of the Blockchain Technology, the e-wallet high security and the smart contracts traceability, TrustT is ensuring to its users a secure Fiat & Gold Exchange and an instant gold ownership.


Our Vision is to guarantee stability & liquidity to the volatile digital ecosystem by adding the high standards of compliance and security of the distributed ledger to the traditional gold industry. We aim to build a decentralized payment system and a new revolutionary store value through our digital coin.


Our Mission is to create a powerful digital economy that focuses on accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology while ensuring stable digital investments. Our goal is to build a platform where millions of investors can instantly exchange their fiat to a digitalized gold token without having to worry about security, traceability and liquidity.

Our Values


TrustT ensures that fairness is the treatment provided to all its stakeholders including board of directors, employees, investors & clients. Fairness within the workplace increases satisfaction, well-being and productivity of all the TrustT’s employees leading to potential personal & professional growth.


TrustT strongly believes on transparency within its practices as part of good corporate governance. Transparency builds an environment where trust is the core of its business leading for better decisions to be taken and higher return on investment on the long run.


TrustT outlines the cultural diversity in its workplace in order to enhance an increase of creativity, improve employee’s engagement and learning, improve cultural insights & enjoy of wider range of skills & provide to our clients’ a multicultural network.


We value our users that’s why we embrace the uniqueness and expertise of our teams to keep growing every day and provide our users with a seamless experience and high level of support.

Simple. Secure. Download it

The TrustT Gold experience starts by logging into the TrustT Gold Mobile App “Both Android and iOS” which allows the users to have instant access to Gold ownership. TrustT users Buy and Sell gold at low cost, fast speed, and high level of security.

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