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04 Jul, 2019

New York Federal Reserve Bank

Did you know that the largest accumulation of gold in human history is located deep underneath the heart of Manhattan’s financial district at the New York Federal Reserve Bank? The New York Fed’s gold vault is on the basement floor of its main office building in Manhattan. Built during the construction of the building in the […]

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26 Jun, 2019

Central Banks Turn to Gold After Multi-Year Absence

Economic uncertainties, inflation, political instabilities, rise of national debts, and countries’ conflicts of interest have left central banks with the only ultimate safe-haven asset: Gold. Central banks are among the world’s largest investors in gold, with total holdings of more than 30,000 tonnes. Today, central banks’ gold reserves are rising even higher, as they foster […]

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19 Jun, 2019

The Power of Gold Goes Beyond its Monetary Value

In bygone centuries, gold was not only used as a fashion statement, but it was also used in artwork, religious artifacts, medicine, and currency. Gold ornaments were considered a representation of purity, symbol of immortality, understated financial strength, and unspoken power. Today we look at things differently, but the essence and impact of wearing gold […]

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12 Jun, 2019

The world’s 5 top gold producing countries

Ever since gold was first discovered in the 19th century, gold mining has not only built the global gold industry, but it has also been a key driver of the overall global economy. Gold mining is a global business with operations on all major continents, and gold is extracted from mines of widely varying types and […]

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05 Jun, 2019

Gold: The Only Metal Used in All Major Industries

Gold has historically proved to be the most precious metal for nearly all human cultures and civilizations due to its many qualities as well as its intrinsic value. Gold is many things; extremely ductile and malleable, electrically conductive, stainless, and easily mixed with all other metals. Gold is used today in all forms to adapt […]

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29 May, 2019

3 Reasons Why Billionaires Invest in Gold

The equity market has been having a bad run over the past few months and returns from fixed income products are nothing to write home about. On the other hand, with the current global and domestic economic uncertainties, gold prices are set to inch higher. After all, gold prices thrive during such times as investors […]

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