Term of Use

Effective as of December 15th, 2019

Welcome to TrustT. Please read our Terms and Conditions of use carefully. This Agreement takes effect upon Customers’ acceptance of these terms. The relationship between TrustT and the customer shall be defined and governed by this Agreement including the fact of resolving any disputes that may arise between TrustT and its customers by arbitration on an individual basis and not any involvement of class actions or jury trials. 

TrustT legal identity

The owner of the TrustT.com is MPCG Trading O OU which is an Estonian company registered in the country of Estonia under number 14588416 and headquartered at the following address Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Pärnu mnt 158/2-88, 11317 (hereinafter “TrustT”, which is also referred to as “we” or “us” or “our”). 

The company can be reached at the mailing address Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Pärnu mnt 158/2-88, 11317 or through email at support@trustt.com.


Your contract with us includes the following Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy. The latest effective version of our Agreements could be found on TrustT’s website. By downloading TrustT, signing up, accessing or using our services (as described in these terms and conditions of use), including the access to any content made available by TrustT for Campaign purposes, you acknowledge a full understanding of the Agreements, accept fully the Terms, agree to enter into a legally binding contract (“Agreement” or “Conditions of use”) with TrustT even if you are using our services on behalf of a company, and comply with all relevant laws of the territory you reside in or any other territory from which you access the “TrustT Services”, the laws or the countries in which the Vaults are located.

By entering into this contract with TrustT, you are authorizing us to disclose your personal information as stated within our Privacy Policy, which regulates the way we treat your personal information.

A user who does not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions can terminate this contract at any time by sending us an email to support@trustt.com and concluding the access or use of our services.


Our Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy are effective as of August 14th, 2020. Occasionally we may, in our discretion, make changes to the Agreements. If we make any significant changes or modifications to our Terms, we will notify all users through our services or by sending a notice to the user email address designated in the registry or by publishing the modified latest versions on the TrustT website, to give our users the chance to review the changes before they become effective.

Please note that your continued use of TrustT services after the 30-day notice period will constitute your acceptance to the updated terms.

 During the period of the 30-day notice, TrustT customer has the complete right to terminate our business relationship under the previously approved Terms and Conditions if they don’t agree with the changes. The termination of the contract could be fulfilled by selling TrustT gold coins, withdrawing the full balance of your funds and sending a written notice asking for your account to be closed. If the termination process is not effected as described previously, your continued use of our services will be deemed acceptance thereof.

Customers opening new accounts during the 30-day notice period are automatically approving our upcoming modified Terms and Conditions and will be using TrustT services under the new version of the Agreements at the end of the stated 30-day notice period

TrustT Network

With the collaboration of duty authorized third-party providers and partners, TrustT makes available to its users a virtual platform enabling them to access its exclusive services, such as, but not limited to, buy and sell gold easily, instantly, and safely.

Our Business Relationship

By becoming a TrustT customer, you will benefit from our range of services of buying, selling, and holding Gold through TrustT gold Coins. We will be providing you with effectively efficient services through our TrustT application within a highly secure Network. Certain TrustT services are provided to you free-of-charge. Other TrustT services charge a commission percentage fee which is considered as reasonably priced in comparison with any alternatives available in the market.

TrustT will meet its customers’ expectations by providing high end services and earning a profit from commissions and custody fees.

TrustT Users

Will be considered as “Users” any natural person 18 years old or older with the full legal capacity to enter into commitments in relation to these terms and conditions that download TrustT Application, signing up, and accepting these terms and conditions.

In order to become a TrustT user it is necessary to download the TrustT Application and create a TrustT account by signing up.  Once the request is received, all information completed, documents needed for the KYC/AML process uploaded, and all additional necessary steps fulfilled, TrustT will evaluate each request through a third party to verify the user account and will notify the user in case their KYC/AML verification process was not accepted, hence their TrustT account was not verified.

Requirements to use the Application

  • Non-Verified Accounts:

To be eligible to start using TrustT services, you agree and confirm that: (i) you must be at least 18 years old; (ii) you will only have one TrustT account, which must be under your real name; (iii) you fall within one of TrustT services’ restrictions. Please note that the creation of an account with false information, or on behalf of other persons, or used by a person under 18 years old constitute a violation of our Terms of use, and you remain fully liable to provide us with correct information.

  • Verified Accounts

In order to comply with KYC/AML requirement, TrustT must verify its users’ identity through a third party. KYC service provider will be using its automated identity verification to expedite application processing and provide instant electronic identity verification. To do so, you must complete all needed information, including but not limited to (first name, last name, date of birth, address, mobile phone number, country of residence, email address.) as well as upload all needed documentation in order to comply with the Know Your Customer verification process which will enable TrustT to know if you satisfy the requirements to be a TrustT user eligible to use current services and future ones.

User will be able to buy and sell gold after TrustT account verification.
Your account verification will enable to record all gold purchased through TrustT Network as your legal property.

Your Account

Your email address linked to your TrustT account and your password will constitute the User Login identification credentials at TrustT.   

Users, account holders, remain fully responsible and agree to: (i) create a complex and secure password, (ii) keep your password safe and confidential, (iii) do not give access to the email address you used to create your TrustT account, (iv) comply with all relevant legislation and TrustT Terms to use the services.

You remain fully liable and responsible for the security and management of your TrustT account unless you have previously notified us.

Description the Services

  • Gold Price Chart

TrustT displays the Gold’s prices on its Application 24/7 (hereinafter referred to as the Price Chart). The user can use the real-time spot gold price to place an order, as well as the hourly historical data is stated in the application for informational purposes.

You understand and acknowledge that your order submitted will be effected considering the gold spot rate stated on 1Forge, one of the top reliable resource to track gold prices. You accept any prevailing delay that might occur in the execution of your orders and understand that the delay could lead to a slight price difference.

You can find below the links that could direct you to the website: https://1forge.com.

Each user is hereby informed and acknowledge that the gold price fluctuates either upward or downward. TrustT is not responsible for any price fluctuations, losses or risks that might occur due to a lack of market liquidity or lack of liquidity within the TrustT order book.

You confirm reading and understanding all the operational aspects of TrustT system and its terms and conditions and acknowledge the risks related to trading, buying, and selling TrustT gold.

  • Gold Purchases

Conclusion of a Purchas

A user may buy gold from the company by entering the number of gold coins needed, the quantity of gold acquired for purchase will depend on the Gold Price Chart. After reviewing all transactions’ details, TrustT submits the purchase request to a third party allowing him/her to proceed with payment.

You acknowledge and agree that once the Buy request has been processed successfully, the ownership of the portion of gold purchased is transferred by the seller to the buyer and consequently the buyer takes the full ownership of the quantity purchased, following the terms agreed on between the buyer and TrustT. The Company will remain the owner of the gold until the purchase price, fees, commissions, and taxes have been collected in full of the user. In the event of non-full payment of all the purchase price, you warrant the company the right to retain ownership of the unpaid gold.

You acknowledge and agree that by purchasing the gold on TrustT, you give the right to TrustT to store your gold purchased within its assigned Vault operator.

Terms of Payment for a Purchase

Payment of the Purchase Price may be made by your TrustT cash e-wallet, by bank debit/credit card via a third-party payment service provider, or by bank transfer. The user warrants the company the necessary authorizations to use the chosen payment method.

Please note that if your TrustT cash e-wallet balance does not cover the full purchase transaction and its additional fees, commissions, and taxes, your registered payment method will be charged the remaining balance.

Once your Buy request has been processed by our payment processor third party successfully, your TrustT gold coin e-wallet will be credited.

No Cooling-Off Period

The users are hereby informed and agree that the gold prices are set and fluctuate according to a Price Chart fully dependent on external factors, and particularly on fluctuations in the financial market. As a result, users do not have the right to cancel their purchase request, are expressly informed, and agree that the purchase request and its payment constitute a firm and final purchase.

Purchasing History

In your TrustT account, you can review your past historical transactions

  • Gold Holdings, Storage, Insurance, and audit in a vault

Gold Holdings

1.1 Form:

All gold bars held by the Company follow standard bullion-market practice and all its reserves are considered as 24-karat gold which is pure fine gold.  

All physical gold purchased by you through TrustT account will be instantly stored at a Vault Operator.

TrustT declares that every gram of gold purchased or invested in is a gram of the 99.99% pure gold content and exclusively follow the best industry-practices.

1.2 Vault Operators:

In order to deliver high professional standards of vault services, TrustT entered into a contract with Gold Vault Operators and third parties service providers to manage the bullion bars’ operational processes and storage. By accepting these Terms and conditions, you acknowledge and agree this contractual relationship between TrustT and the Vault operator and third parties service providers. The Gold storage agreement is a binding contract between TrustT and the Vault Operator, and TrustT and the third parties service providers only. The agreement management ensuring the Gold ownership, Gold delivery and the management of the customers’ assets is a binding contract between TrustT and the user only.

The Company has the right to terminate a Vault Operator agreement without any prior notice to the users. In such an event, the Company will put in place an alternative storage solution suitable for all the gold resources.

If an alternative storage solution could not be found, the Company will notify its users with time enabling them to sell their gold or schedule a gold physical delivery at user’s cost or arrange other suitable alternative.

Gold Storage

You acknowledge that all gold purchased through TrustT Application are deposited into the exclusive custody of the company or one of its service providers. For the purpose of the availability and implementation of TrustT services, you expressly accept to waive your right to demand your physical gold and acknowledge that the only access to the gold holdings is through TrustT Mobile App. Your gold is currently physically and safely stored in a vault operator located in Switzerland. TrustT reserve the right to change the location of the gold reserves without any prior notice to the users.

You acknowledge and agree that the Company has the right to store your purchased gold with any vault operator of its choice.

The Company has the obligation to store the gold purchased by its users within its vault operator to fulfill the orders executed within the TrustT Application.  

The transportation and Vault deposit Services, plus the associated costs and insurance, are free to users and are covered in full by the Company


All user’s gold is 100% insured against theft and damages through the gold insurance contract the vault operator has with its insuring company. The insurance protects the standards that are generally accepted by the insurance industry standards, the cost of the insurance is included within the gold storage fee charged to TrustT members that have a gold stored within TrustT.

TrustT will make the proof of insurance document available to its members to review upon receipt from the Vault Operator and Insurance company.

Beyond committing to ensure necessary insurance to cover its liability in regard to the Gold storage, the Company is not responsible nor liable for the users’ gold storage. The Vault Operator remains the only responsible for the physical storage of your gold and its safety at all times.

By accepting the terms and conditions of this agreement, you acknowledge and agree that any gold you buy, sell, and store does not relate to one specific Gold bar but rather to portions of diverse bars owned by multiple TrustT users. This ownership method is used to lower the processing price while enabling its users to trade gold at lower budgets. The total gold bars stored represents the full gold reserves owned by TrustT users.


To ensure a high transparency to our users, all our gold reserves will be quarterly audited, and an audit report will be quarterly published on the TrustT website so that the public can consolidate them and verify that all the TrustT transactions are 100% backed by gold reserves held within our vault operators.

  • Gold Sale

Conclusion of a sale

A user may sell gold from the company by entering the number of gold coins needed, the amount added to your TrustT cash e-wallet will depend on the Gold Price your gold quantity is sold at. Users can place Sell orders at any time any day. After reviewing all transactions’ details, TrustT submits the sell request to a third party allowing him/her to proceed with payment.

You acknowledge and agree that once the Sell request has been processed successfully, the ownership of the portion of gold sold has been transferred from the seller to the Company and consequently the Company takes the full ownership of the quantity sold, following the terms agreed on between the seller and TrustT.

Payment of the Sale Price

Once your Sell request has been processed by our payment processor third party, your TrustT cash e-wallet will be debited and your TrustT gold e-wallet will be credited. Please note that additional fees, commissions, and taxes might apply.

To ensure high standards of AML compliance, the Company instituted a ceiling of total amount transacted a day at 10,000 USD Dollar.

  • Withdraw Funds from your account

To withdraw funds from your TrustT Account, the user, must be the owner of the Account, must enter the exact amount to be withdrawn and choose their signatory bank account or credit or debit card, among the ones registered in the Application. Consequently, the user warrants the Company that he/she has the necessary authorizations to use the chosen payment method to execute the transaction.

The amount withdrawn will be credited to the user’s Bank Account within a reasonably short period of time. The amount withdrawn will be debited from the user’s TrustT cash e-wallet.


You acknowledge that you are eligible to execute buy and sell orders within TrustT system at quantities, prices you have chosen but only when having the required liquidity and resources available at your TrustT wallet to effect immediate settlement.  

You understand and agree that our prices are subject to additional fees or/and taxes and that you fully comply with the specific terms linked to payment and gold services as well as complying with your payment obligations towards TrustT and its related third parties. If you use TrustT services, you agree to pay us the applicable fees, commissions, and taxes applied to your transactions. Non-payment of these fees may result in the termination of all TrustT services. You accept and acknowledge that your prices, fees, and taxes are subject to exchange rates and price differences depending on your location.

An email will be sent to the email address you provided during the registration process with a detailed price and fees structure.

You accept and agree that TrustT only collects your payment data but store them within a third-party payment processor. You acknowledge that the Payment entity has the right to receive from the User the fees charged by TrustT to its users for the services provided.

You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for orders executed from your TrustT account to TrustT servers via the internet and that TrustT does not provide or guarantee a refund process and policy.


It is the user solely responsibility to understand, obey and fully pay the taxes imposed by the governments on the gold or any TrustT tradeable assets have been purchased, sold, and custodied or any other applicable taxes.

Fees and Commissions

TrustT business model is based on the fees and commissions charged on every trade and transaction performed by the user.

TrustT has the right to change, add, delete, and modify its fees at any time without having the obligation to send any prior notice to its customers. The latest version of the fees structure will be updated on the website and could possibly be sent to the users for notification purposes through emails.

TrustT fees’ structure contains three different categories of fees: Buy fees, Sell fees, and Withdrawal fees.

Buy Fees
EU-Citizens: Non-EU-Citizens:
TrustT Fees: 1% of the amount transacted TrustT Fees: 1% of the amount transacted
Third Party Fees: 2.9% * (Amount of gold coins* Purchase price) + $0.30 per Third Party Fees: 3.9% * (Amount of gold coins* Purchase price) + $0.30 per transaction
Sell Fees
EU-Citizens: Non-EU-Citizens:
TrustT Fees: 1% of the amount transacted TrustT Fees: 1% of the amount transacted
EU-Citizens: Non-EU-Citizens:
TrustT Fees: 1% of the amount transacted TrustT Fees: 1% of the amount transacted
Third Party Fees: 0.25% * (Amount of gold coins* Purchase price) Third Party Fees**: 0.50% * (Amount of gold coins* Purchase price)
**: The third-party monthly fee of 0.50% will be charged in user’s fiat currency. TrustT is revoking all additional monthly withdrawal fees set by third parties.

Additional holding, storage, or insurance fees for the TrustT Gold may apply. The user is responsible to research and understand the full structure of TrustT fees by visiting TrustT website.


TrustT is implementing diverse security measures to protect your personal information and to ensure its users’ data confidentiality. TrustT keeps, protects and utilizes your personal data in a highly secure manner by applying diverse layers of security and protection to maintain physical, electronic and procedural safety in compliance with regulators’ standards. TrustT is implementing the highest security measures to protect its members, their accounts, transactions’ history, and their personal data.

Limited number of TrustT employees are granted the right to have access to the users’ data. These highly trained and experienced employees will ensure the confidentiality and privacy of our users and their personal information.

TrustT will constantly be improving the security of its user data and remain not liable for any malicious outside breaching the layers of protection.

  • Passwords

TrustT is implementing OAuth industry protocol to protect its users’ personal and financial data from unauthorized access. Keeping your passwords safe and confidential remain your responsibility.

You acknowledge and accept that TrustT is implementing a robust password reset process to re-issue users’ forgotten passwords and provide an ultimate TrustT experience to its customers.

  • Factor Authentication

For an additional security layer, TrustT supplements the username and password model with the 2-Factor Authentication verification process to enhance the users’ security.

TrustT recommends to its users activating 2 Factor Authentication solution to protect their accounts from unauthorized access or withdrawal due to malicious activities leaking your username and password in a data breach event.

  • Security of your transactions

TrustT takes advantage of state of the art technology characteristics to provide additional means of security to each transaction. The records held are secured and continually updated and kept in sync.

  • Security of your Banking Information

TrustT will ensure to its users a better detection and prevention of fraud with the integration of the advanced machine learning tools of TrustT’s third party, its certified PCI Service Provider. To remain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) compliant, TrustT will transmit all sensitive data directly to its third party, without passing through our servers. Additionally, TrustT performs the process of data transmission by using TLS and HTTPS to encrypt and verify the integrity of traffic between the users’ servers and ours.

Jurisdictions and Limitations

  • Availability of Services

The Company can change, add, suspend or retire any Service, or change, add, and modify future fees and commissions at our sole discretion. To the extent permitted by law, these changes will become effective when it is judged appropriate. The Company does not have the obligation to priory communicate these changes to its users.

  • Death or Incapacity

In case of death or incapacity, you agree and allow TrustT to sell your TrustT coins and the gold available in your TrustT Account at the prevailing market price then release the funds after deducting all applicable fees and commissions to your legal personal representative or deceased person. TrustT will require proof of evidence of your death or incapacity before taking any further steps. You allow TrustT to look for additional legal advice from your territory regulators at the expense of your account.

  • Limitations of liability

The Company reserves the right to limit your use of the Services, including your number of contacts and your ability to contact other Members. The Company reserves the right to restrict, suspend or close your account if it considers that you may have breached this Agreement, the Privacy Policy Terms, the law, the KYC/AML compliance standards, or that you are using the Services incorrectly, or you don’t fulfill the requirements to be a TrustT user anymore.

  • No warranties

TrustT shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss or damages arising under or in connection with, but not limited to:

-System interruption or delay in access, inability to access the TrustT system, any pure economic loss, fall in the value of your held gold resources, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of personal data, indirect or consequential loss, loss of business, loss of business opportunity, depletion of goodwill, any harm and self-harm arising from gold investing losses.

-TrustT remain not liable for any loss of money, assets, personal data, and opportunities occurring related to online trading, software and hardware failure, loss of data, delays, errors, omissions, power outages, internet failure, hacking event, denial of service attacks, viruses, scareware, spyware, worms, Trojan horses or any other destructive activities of phishing, spoofing, or others.

-TrustT remain not liable for any damages resulting from lack of communication, the user not being sufficiently clear on providing needed information, the user not being vigilant and confidential with his data, and not responding with time to TrustT alerts.

– If you have any doubt whatsoever about a communication from TrustT, it is solely your responsibility to contact us and ensure your safety.

-To the fullest extent permitted by law, TrustT excludes any warranties related to the website, Mobile App, and TrustT gold.

-TrustT will not be liable for any loss or damages caused to your personal used devices, computer programs, technology, or any material used to connect to TrustT website and App.

Intellectual Property Rights

TrustT reserves all of its intellectual property rights on the Services. The use of the Services does not confer ownership of them or of the content or information shown through them. The brands and logos used at the TrustT website, TrustT coins and Mobile Application including, but not limited to, text, images, names, graphics, data, logos, icons, code, prices, charts, software, hardware, models, videos are proprietary to TrustT. All contents mentioned previously but not limited to are protected by copyright, patent, trademark and other applicable laws.

User could review, download, print a copy of these contents for educational purposes or personal records while respecting all the proprietary rights that belongs to TrustT. Contents could not be used in any case for commercial, promotional, advertorial, endorsement, advertising, merchandising or unlawful purposes

Exclusions and Limitation of Liability

  • Exclusion Guarantee

We disclaim any legal responsibility derived from the quality, safety or reliability of our Services.

The Company, its affiliates and those who work with TrustT to provide the services (a) are not responsible for any implied guarantee or representation (such as marketing guaranties, suitability for a particular purpose, accuracy of the data and of non-infringement); (b) do not guarantee that the Services may be used without interruptions or without operational errors; and (c) provide the Service (including content and information) as it’s available

  • Exclusion of Liability

User should be aware that trading carried high risk which implies the probability of an investment either underperforming the investor expectations or resulting in a substantial or total loss of capital or/ and initial deposit, and therefore, you should invest what you can afford to lose. TrustT advise its users to have enough educational, risk analysis and chart knowledge skills before considering any investments or trading.

User should be aware of any risks that could be raised from any online factors, online deal execution or any risk related to force majeure. Online factors could include but not limited to server malfunction, internet lag or disconnection, software and hardware delays or glitches, browser crashes.

TrustT follows highest standards of security and encryption to protect its user’s personal identity. TrustT Suggests to its users an additional security layer by enabling 2 factor authentication for an ultimate account protection and safe deposits and withdrawal processes.

You acknowledge that TrustT is not responsible for any losses occurred to your account due to any scenarios related to but not limited to theft of TrustT coins, loss of account access, and unauthorized funds withdrawals.

  • Downtime and Availability

TrustT is entitled to run its services 24/7 under normal circumstances. TrustT will be performing software upgrades and maintenance updates during a low traffic time period in case of non-urgent updates.

In case security vulnerabilities are found, TrustT has the right to impose short service interruption, and orders’ cancellation, and system downtime at its discretion.

TrustT will do all the necessary to minimize the impacts of the recovery scenarios and to recover from it. You acknowledge that TrustT will not be held liable for any losses related to such an event. You acknowledge and accept that TrustT has no obligation to send any form of communication during unexpected service interruption.

You acknowledge and accept the risks our TrustT services and technological systems can involve. You acknowledge and accept the risks you might incur during outage scenarios and unscheduled maintenance downtime having open orders on the TrustT system.  You accept the methods and processes applied by TrustT to solve any sort of malicious attacks and you accept the related risks at your own.

  • Force Majeure and acts of God factors

TrustT is not responsible for any risk related to the force majeure and acts of God factors. Force Majeure and acts of God include and not limited to, war, blockade, embargoes, riots, governmental restriction, labor disturbances, unavailability of anticipated usual means of supplies, transportation or loading facilities, wrecks, epidemics, quarantine, fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, any unforeseen change in circumstances, or any other causes beyond its reasonable control.

If any malfunction occurs related to the Gold pricing calculation, any transactional process, fees and commissions charges, and typing errors, TrustT has the right to apply any necessary changes and modifications to the user’s account to fix any trouble that has occurred.

TrustT is not responsible for any losses occurring during the trading process and is not responsible for any recommendations, forecast and advice posted on the website or any trading sites or social media.  

To solve any conflicts or errors related to Gold pricing, TrustT will be directly providing the spot gold price stated on one of the top reliable resource to track gold prices: 1Forge at the specific time and date that the error has occurred as its reference.

Users are the only responsible for reporting any mistake found on the Mobile Apps history within 24 hours of the order execution. You agree to promptly review the transaction history and any account statements pertaining to your TrustT Account that you receive to ensure that your orders have been executed and that there have been no unauthorized transactions or errors in your TrustT Account.

TrustT does not take any responsibility for the fluctuation of the gold price or TrustT coin price at any given moment in time.

TrustT is not responsible for any tax changes or reforms imposed to Gold or Digital coins by the governments.

Termination of this agreement

These Terms and conditions will remain in effect until your account is closed, and your balance is zero after all necessary payments have been processed. TrustT has the power, at its own discretion, to terminate this agreement for any reason without any prior notice by closing your TrustT account and ceasing the related business relationship.

TrustT reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently deactivate or cancel your access to any or all TrustT services and your TrustT account if, but not limited to, TrustT suspects that your account has been used for illegal activated or misused, or if you breached the terms and conditions of this agreement.  

You acknowledge and accept that upon suspension or cancellation, TrustT reserves the right to cancel or suspend any open orders, and to keep any available funds within the TrustT wallet until the funding reversal procedure is complete.

Applicable Legislation and Conflict Resolution

You acknowledge that TrustT regulatory status differs from the regulations set for The Financial Services industry and the financial service companies dealing with securities. You acknowledge that TrustT exclusively deals with the physical ownership of gold purchased and sold through TrustT systems.

The interpretation, validity and execution of these Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, are governed by United States legislation (except for its provisions on conflict of laws). Both parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Floridian courts. If you want to communicate any matter, please contact us at our email support@trustt.com.

Obligations for the Use of the Services

  • As a TrustT user you fully understand and agree that

a) The gold backing your TrustT coins recorded in your TrustT Account is held by The Company as bailee and is stored in a vault chosen by TrustT.

b) You are aware that if your TrustT account is not fully verified that you will not be eligible to buy or/ and sell TrustT gold coins.

c) Customer must pass our third-party validation requirements to have a validated account. Verified TrustT account will have daily total transactional limitations of $10,000 for Buy, Sell. TrustT set its minimum purchase amount at $1.

d) Money added to your TrustT Account is not considered as a deposit or loan made by you towards the Company and that your TrustT Account is not a bank Account.

e) Any deposit credited to your TrustT Account represents payment for gold you intend to purchase through our Mobile Apps and that will be stored in a secure vault.

f) Any available balance in your TrustT account is considered as non-interest bearing security deposit that is held by us as a security against any breach of your obligations under this agreement and could be applied by us to fulfill any obligation you owe us under this contract.

g) No interest paid to you on any balance, cash, and Gold available in your TrustT account.

h) The gold held and stored by TrustT is insured under the insurance policies applied by the Vault Operators.

i) You are allowed to have only one TrustT Account. It is your responsibility to ensure the security and control of your email address and phone.  If you incur any problem with your email address your provided to TrustT during the registration process, it is your own duty to modify us to re-verify your identity and personal data. If you change your phone or phone number, then it is solely your responsibility to delete the TrustT App and re-install it into your new device. You must immediately contact us in case of stolen or lost phone.

j) TrustT has the right to lock your account or close it definitively where there is duplication of transactions from different devices, the account is dormant, and suspicious activities are notified.

k) TrustT reserves the right to close any account processing transactions from different devices or any suspicious transactions. A suspicious transaction is defined as but not limited to any reasonable grounds to suspect that the transaction is related to a money laundering offence or a terrorist activity financing offence. TrustT reserves the right to close accounts which are dormant or lock any accounts whenever TrustT considered as necessary.

l) Comply with all relevant laws, including, but not limited to, privacy laws, intellectual property laws, antispam laws, export control laws, tax and tax laws, and other regulatory requirements.

m) Provide us with accurate information and Communicate to TrustT any changes or if you no longer meet the Minimum requirements to be a user.

n) Comply at all times with all the obligations assumed in this Contract.

o) Communicate to Shasta if you no longer meet the Minimum Conditions to be a Member.


Users expressly assume the strictest duty of confidentiality regarding the content and information to which they have access within TrustT, as well as the conversations, negotiations and actions related to their object within TrustT (the “Confidential Information”), committing themselves not to disclose, in whole or in part, such Confidential Information to third parties without the prior written authorization of TrustT and the Members to whom such disclosure could in any way affect.

This clause will remain in force after the termination or extinction of this Contract or any of the Services provided therein for a period of not inferior than 4 years.

Contact us

If you want to send us notices about a specific procedure, contact us by sending us an email at support@trustt.com.