How It Works

1. Join the TrustT Network!

Join the TrustT Network: Download the TrustT App for iOS and Android. Follow the easy steps to get started

2. Sign Up with TrustT

Create your TrustT account and upload the needed documents to be verified. KYC verification process will take few days to be approved.

3. Add your Debit / Credit Cards

Fill out your cards' banking information in the aim of funding your next TrustT transactions.

4. Buy & Sell gold

Buy and Sell any share of physical gold you wish instantly.

5. Send & Request gold

Send & Request gold with your friends & family straight away.

6. Swipe your TrustT Card

Spend your gold anywhere anytime to make your payments & withdraw your funds internationally.

TrustT Features

TrustT Fee Structure

Buy Fees

For U.S Residents:

3.9% * (Amount of gold coins* Purchase price) + $0.30 per transaction

For non-US Residents:

4.9% * (amount of gold coins * Purchase price) + $0.30 per transaction

TrustT Fee Structure

Sell, Send, & Request Fees

For U.S Residents:

1% * (Amount of gold coins transacted *gold spot price at the time of the transaction)

For non-US Residents:

1% * (amount of gold coins transacted * the spot gold price at the time of the transaction)

Withdrawal Fees

TrustT will revoke all monthly withdrawal fees set by third parties

No Gold Storage Fees
No Gold Insurance Fees

Simple. Secure. Download it

The TrustT Gold experience starts by logging into the TrustT Gold Mobile App “Both Android and iOS” which allows the users to have instant access to Gold ownership. TrustT users Buy, Sell, Send, and Request gold at low cost, fast speed, and high level of security.

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