Welcome to TrustT

TrustT App, the decentralized financial App, provides its global users with a borderless alternative payment method backed by physical pure gold.

TrustT merges the stability and reliability of the gold industry with the compliance and security standards of the blockchain technology.

The Story of TrustT belongs to gold; TrustT firmly believes on the intrinsic value of gold, its ultimate store of wealth, and its power to lower risk, and hedge against inflation.

Gold is the only asset that has never failed in five thousand years of history

Investment in gold has become, for quite some time, the best option in times of many turbulence in equity markets, since its value shows less volatility than other types of assets. The setting of its price in international markets is almost centenary, since it was a September 12, 1919 when its first official price was set in London, at the offices of NM Rothschild. Investment in gold coins or bullion is considered a "safe haven", that is when stock markets fall and economies are in crisis, gold tends to increase its value, because investors know that it is a safe asset.

"Gold is still the ultimate store of wealth. It's the world's only
true money..."

- Mark Nestmann - President of an international consulting firm

We take Your Security Very Seriously

We take strict measures of security across Blockchain & cryptography to encrypt, keep private, & highly protect your TrustT transactions and your personal data.

Your gold holdings are quarterly audited, fully insured against all risks of physical loss or damage, & specially allocated in safe vaults in Switzerland.

Our partners are the major leaders of the gold industry for over a century.

TrustT gold reserves are quarterly audited by on foremost umpires and global leader in providing inspection services.

ALS Inspection

TrustT gold vaults' provider are fully insured against all risks of physical losses or damage by a major force in the global insurance

Lloyd's London

TrustT gold reserves are safely stored within one of the four major free ports and Safe Deposit Vaults in Switzerland.

Ports Francs et Entrepots

Why TrustT ?

The only Benchmark in the Global Digital Gold segment

Simple. Secure. Download it

The TrustT Gold experience starts by logging into the TrustT Gold Mobile App “Both Android and iOS” which allows the users to have instant access to Gold ownership. TrustT users Buy and Sell gold at low cost, fast speed, and high level of security.

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